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Foshan Xinyimei Hotel Product factory start since 2007, Located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, seize 9,000 square meters. Xinyimei Furniture has more than 10 years experience of manufacturing and exporting in hotel furniture, banquet furniture and outdoor furniture. Our product include: Banquet chairs and tables, Plastic chairs and tables, Stainless steel chairs and tables, Chair cover and Table cloth, Mobile stage, trolley, wedding decoration article and so on.

The products are applicable for all hotel banquet halls, Chinese and western restaurants, and dining and recreational places. Our customers are in Europe country, U S A, Australia, Middle East, Africa. We have advanced manufacture techniques and equipment, high capacity workshop, a big team of technology workers, and professional QC in the workshop.


About Production ProcessFrom production to transport, each detail is considered fully for you.

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